About Kenneth C. Brooks

Experience That Counts

The Law Office of Kenneth C. Brooks is owned by Mr. Kenneth Brooks a registered patent attorney serving Rocklin, CA, California and Texas with 14 years of experience. His firm focuses on client counseling; patent portfolio building and management; patent analysis and prosecution; and intellectual property litigation. As part of his client counseling practice, Mr. Brooks has assisted numerous clients with formulating validity and infringement opinions, patent enforcement and design-around efforts. Some of the patents that Mr. Brooks has procured have resulted in substantial revenue to his clients. Representative clients for which Mr. Brooks has procured patents include, but is not limited to, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Motorola Corporation and VMware, Inc.

Patent & Trademark Litigation

Mr. Brooks also has assisted in patent and trademark litigation efforts in various jurisdictions over the United States including the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of Virginia and Southern District of Indiana. He has also provided in- depth analysis of individual patents and patent portfolios, and has assisted several companies develop and manage patent portfolios world-wide. Mr. Brooks has experience in various technological disciplines including, but not limited to, microprocessor design, digital and analog communication systems, fiber optic communications systems, computer networking, laser design and fabrication methods, semiconductor processes and equipment, and database systems.

Let’s Get Started

When you want a lawyer with patent, trademark and bankruptcy expertise, make sure you come to Mr. Kenneth Brooks. He has practiced law with Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner, LLP, Skjerven, Morrill, MacPherson Franklin & Friel, LLP, and Townsend, Townsend & Crew, LLP. Call his office today for a consultation or to learn more.