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The Law Office of Kenneth C. Brooks is dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal issues regarding injury law, including both private and government torts, general business litigation Rocklin, CA, California. 

His Practice Areas Include:

Injury Law

This is a broad category as injury may include personal injury, financial injury and injury to property.  The skill exercised with injury law involves looking for the responsible parties and examining fee shifting provisions to maximize the recovery for the client. To that end, there is a important need to understand the procedural pitfalls in suing the government under the California State Tort Claims Act.  In most cases automobile insurance is limited to $15,000 to $30,000.  One example the law firm represented a child who was struck by a vehicle while crossing State Highway 82.  The liability of the driver was unequivocal.  However, due to the threat of an indemnification action by the State Government against the driver the injured party was paid an extra $50,000 from non-insurance funds of the driver to have the case against the State of California dismissed.  This is just one example of the depth of analysis that this law firm undertakes analyzing a case. 

Are You an innovative Creator?

You have an idea, and you think it will be economically beneficial. Often, the first question that comes to mind concerns the type of protection available for the idea. Another question that is often overlooked concerns who owns the idea. The answer to this question rests primarily upon contractual obligations that you had when the idea was conceived. It also may be the determining factor when deciding whether an idea should be protected. For example, many people create websites.  This first question that should come to one's mind is who owns the intellectual property rendered on a webpage.  For example, some of the content on the website might be owned by a third party.  This results in the website owner being subject to copyright violations.  There may also be trademark issues if a website trades upon the name of another.  Thus, determining ownership of intellectual property associated with any idea that one seeks to commercialize cannot be overstated.  This allows ascertaining the value of the idea and potential liability for commercializing the idea.  To discuss whether it is worth protecting your idea in your situation, go to Mr. Brooks for in-depth expertise in many areas of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret law.

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If you are injured or looking to protect your intellectual property, you can count on the law firm for client-centered representation and litigation. We work tirelessly to help you obtain the most optimal outcome for your situation or case. Contact his office today for more information or to discuss your legal issues.